About Us

Explore the off-beat and overlooked world of cinema with Cult Film in Review. Join Cody, Chris, Kyle and Mike as they revisit the films you love, but no one else gets… And see if they still hold up. Can you dig it?

The Cast


Cody is the founder and lead host of Cult Film in Review.

Growing up on the 3 Stooges and Troma films, he quickly took a shine

to cinema’s wacky and obscure. With his rag-tag group of fellow podcasters, his

mission is to revisit the films of his past… and find a few new ones along the way.

You can follow Cody on Instagram at @vhscollect


Kyle was introduced to the world of cult film through his Uncle Ken and

older brother, Ryan. With an undying love for spaghetti westerns

and audio engineering, Kyle takes to the mic not only

as a die hard cinephile, but also as editor of the show!

You can follow Kyle on Instagram at @cultfilm_kyle


Mike not only loves talking about films, he writes about them as well!

You can find some of his work on The Huffington Post, Modern Times Magazine

and his own blog, Friendly Neighborhood Filmmaking. Mike brings his gift of

gab to the podcast and his written word right here on Cultfilminreview.com!

You can follow Mike on Twitter at @mikesallustio


Chris not only loves horror films, he lives them!

As Vice President of Acquisitions at Midnight Releasing, Chris

makes sure only the best of independent horror make it to your local Redbox.

He brings his special brand of knowledge and expertise to Cult Film in Review!

You can follow Chris on Instagram at @cultfilm_chris