Escape from New York


It’s the 100th episode of Cult Film in Review and for this episode, we’re doing a little something special. For this centennial segment, we discuss the movies and genres that had the biggest impact on our lives. Also, we ask which of the other 99 films we’ve reviewed have made the most lasting effect on us. Do any of the guys want to change their reviews? But it wouldn’t be an episode of Cult Film in Review if we didn’t get to reviewing some cult films- and this time we have a real classic! It’s Escape From New York, the John Carpenter masterpiece starring the one and only eyed Kurt Russell. As with most John Carpenter films, we can’t help but discuss the maestro himself. Also, we talk about what Carpenter does best- zombie movies!

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  • Wanted to correct a few things.

    Snake has both eyes. According to the tie-in book, he wears the eye patch because he lost use of it from a fire I believe.

    NY and LA are connected. They reference NY several times in LA. NY is a prison. LA is a deportation island.

    A lot of NY skyline shots including the intro shot of NY from the water is actually a painting.

    LA begins in ’96 with the destruction of California due to a giant quake in 2000. The movie itself takes place “NOW”, so modern time.