The Zero Boys

The Zero Boys Review CFIR

This week, prepare yourselves for a night out in the woods as we discuss the 1986 action-slasher, The Zero Boys! In this episode, we ask a lot about why Nazis are so prevalent in this film. We also talk about the best Estevez, the Bestevez if you will, Joe Estevez! We give his character a backstory of mind-blowingly mundane proportions to better understand the plot of this film. We also question what the use of a whole chest of loaded, automatic weapons are against a crossbow and a good machete in capable hands. Finally, if this film teaches us anything, it’s that friends should stick together. No, really, for God’s sake please stick together when being hunted by a raving group of homicidal fishing buddies! Never let it be said cult films can’t be educational!

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