Play Misty For Me

Play Misty For Me Review CFIR

Hey, there film fans! Today we have a first timer for you at least in terms of directing. This week we’re reviewing the directorial debut of the great Clint Eastwood. We’re talking about Play Misty For Me, the 1971 thriller starring Eastwood himself along with the incomparable Jessica Walter. In this episode, we discuss the legacy of Clint Eastwood. Has he been typecast to the point where it’s hard to see him as anything but a Harry Calahan or a grizzled cowboy? We also discuss the editing. Were the cuts too jarring or do they bring something special to the film? Finally, how about that haymaker everyone? Eastwood may have taken a softer role in this, but it’s nice to see that he still packs a mean punch! We’re bringing you all the smooth hits this week on Cult Film in Review, so stay cool everyone!

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