Basket Case


What’s in the basket? Here at Cult Film in Review, we try to answer just that, with our review of the Frank Henenlotter film, Basket Case! In this episode, the guys argue over whether this film in a horror, comedy, exploitation film, or all three? We also talk a ton about the type of cast you’re likely to find in a Frank Henenlotter film. Are they artfully crafted characters or skillfully cast people off the street? We also talk about the real star of the film, Belial, the lovable mound of murderous flesh that some of The Crew think is just adorable! Is he a cheaply made gimmick or the basis for the perfect cult plush toy? There is also a lot of talk about how this film ranks against another Henenlotter film we’ve reviewed, Frankenhooker. Is this earlier work better than what we’ve reviewed in the past?

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