New Year’s Evil

New Year's Evil Review CFIR

We’re starting the countdown to 2017 early on this week’s episode of Cult Film in Review as we review the 1980 Cannon slasher, New Year’s Evil. On this episode, The Crew questions exactly how many pages of the script went mysteriously missing during the making of this film. And what does it really mean to be “punk”? Clearly, red stockings and a rusty nail through the ear is a must! We also explain time zones while struggling to find what this film did right in our worst Menahem Golan impressions. That mask tho… Finally, we discuss what we think might have been George Romero’s contribution to this film. We can’t wait to see what the next year has in store. We’re already searching far and wide to bring you all new cult film picks for next year, so join us in 2017 for all your favorites!

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